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Should You Even Be Marketing?

Should You Even Be Marketing? With stores closed and consumers experiencing financial hardship or unable to spend even if they are employed due to being quarantined, businesses are facing revenue reductions up to 90% or in many cases, are completely unable to generate sales. Businesses then are making hard choices during [...]

Should You Even Be Marketing?2020-04-22T18:13:40-04:00

RIP Organic Social: How to Revive Your Organic Reach

You may have heard about organic social reach’s untimely death (RIP) and suggestions to amp up your paid social strategy. While this is true, business brands can still have a successful social media presence that doesn’t cost a thing. In the world of ever-changing social media algorithms (we’re looking at you, Instagram) there’s always [...]

RIP Organic Social: How to Revive Your Organic Reach2019-05-09T11:34:36-04:00

Social Media Marketing in the Sports Industry

As a sports lover (Go OKC Thunder!) and a 2019 Zintern, a lot of my interests and understanding in marketing lie in sports and the distinctive way advertising influences the industry’s consumers. Like all industries, sports franchises have an amazing opportunity to establish and mold their fans outlook on certain perspectives through social media. Regardless [...]

Social Media Marketing in the Sports Industry2019-05-08T17:02:27-04:00

Valuing our Zipponians and the Importance of Office Culture

MVZ is a title I was vaguely familiar with before ever coming to Zipie. After stalking our Instagram (yikes), I knew that it was an award given quarterly to our Most Valuable Zipponian. Each month, we have the opportunity to say something awesome about our fellow Zipponians, someone who’s gone above and beyond and [...]

Valuing our Zipponians and the Importance of Office Culture2019-04-30T10:54:11-04:00

Using the perfect #hashtags (7.3m) to build an Instagram following

There’s no doubt hashtags have slowly become a part of not only social media, but our lives. People use hashtags for everything from weddings and parties to advocacy programs and marches. Hashtags are a vital piece of your Instagram social media strategy, and we’re here to break down a few tips for you. And, [...]

Using the perfect #hashtags (7.3m) to build an Instagram following2019-04-29T10:09:02-04:00

Three ways to enhance your Facebook marketing strategy

If you have a business account on Facebook, chances are we won’t shock you by saying Facebook’s algorithms are always changing. Seemingly overnight, Facebook became a platform on which many businesses thrive and many fail miserably. Don’t be the latter. Follow these tips to master that obnoxious algorithm and get your content in front of [...]

Three ways to enhance your Facebook marketing strategy2019-04-08T10:47:20-04:00

A Doctor, Forensic Investigator and a Paleontologist Walk into a Bar

Here at Zipie, we love what we do and we work hard at it. While we’re all experts in our respective fields now, we’ve each had different goals over the years. And today, Team Zipie is sharing what we wanted to be when we grew up and how it relates to the fun we’re up [...]

A Doctor, Forensic Investigator and a Paleontologist Walk into a Bar2019-04-05T16:44:17-04:00

Side-stepping the Notorious Instagram Algorithm

It’s no secret that Instagram is changing consumer culture. In one scroll, you can view content from pet pigs, your cousin and a twerking grandma (no, seriously). With the dawn of Instagram influencers comes marketing made simple. Well, simpler than other platforms. Instagram can be a major player in your social media strategy with three [...]

Side-stepping the Notorious Instagram Algorithm2019-04-18T06:01:57-04:00

Welcome to New York: Zipie is Expanding

If you’ve followed along with us on social media, you’ve seen we’ve got some big news. So, we’ll just come out with it: Zipie is expanding. To New York City. Mic drop. But seriously: we’re excited for the opportunity to continue to add to our existing national client base through an emphasis on data analysis. [...]

Welcome to New York: Zipie is Expanding2019-04-10T10:51:30-04:00

Farm-to-Table Greeting Cards: Our Models of Impact Experience

Team Zipie places a lot of importance on growth, continued education and exercising our creative minds. Since seeing Matthew Manos from verynice at AAF Lexington advertising club’s Interactive Social 4, we’ve been dying to play his role-playing and ideation game, Models of Impact. The game walks players through a series of activities to generate [...]

Farm-to-Table Greeting Cards: Our Models of Impact Experience2019-03-18T12:54:05-04:00

How to not be a robot and master the Al Gore Rhythm

There’s a word floating around the Internet that can strike fear in any entrepreneur and frustrate social media users everywhere. Algorithms sound frightening and a little robotic, but not to worry. Team Zipie is here to help you decode these Al Gore Rhythms (wait, what?) and grow your business with one—yes, one—tip. Tip One: [...]

How to not be a robot and master the Al Gore Rhythm2019-03-10T16:56:36-04:00

Always Stay Humble and Kind: Business Practices and Tim McGraw

On Zipie’s social platforms this week, our team has been talking all things social media marketing. We’ve answered questions like “What’s the use in using all 30 of the allowed Instagram hashtags?” and “Why is Twitter so tricky?” Throughout the month, we’ll continue to give you all kinds of tips of the trade so [...]

Always Stay Humble and Kind: Business Practices and Tim McGraw2019-03-06T10:21:48-05:00

Let’s Give ‘Em Something To Blog About

It’s no secret that over the last few years, the blogging industry has exploded. In 2018 alone, more than 4,000 blogs were posted per minute. But how does blogging apply to businesses? Where should you start? And why should you do it? Blogging is an integral component of your brand’s online presence and we’re [...]

Let’s Give ‘Em Something To Blog About2019-02-20T12:28:53-05:00

Our Suitcases are Packed and Ready

Whether we’re covering a client’s sponsorship in West Virginia or expanding our knowledge at the Adobe conference in Boston, Team Zipie is always ready to load up our suitcases and hit the road. Constantly trying to better our skills and offerings, we believe attending conferences and workshops throughout the year give us a unique [...]

Our Suitcases are Packed and Ready2019-02-08T11:21:33-05:00

Super Bowl.
Subpar Ads.

Super Bowl fans can traditionally be parsed into three categories—the game watchers, the food eaters and the advertising lovers. While some of us at Team Zipie live for football, our majority rests in those latter two categories. And we’ve got lots of thoughts on this year’s ads. With a few powerful spots here and [...]

Super Bowl.
Subpar Ads.

Mannequins in Bathrobes: A Normal Day at Zipie

The first thing I noticed at Zipie HQ was a mannequin in a bathrobe. Naturally, it completely wigged me out. Full-service digital advertising agencies are not, apparently, for the faint of heart. In our morning meeting, I learned everyone’s names—including the mannequin. He was our own Cousin Eddie from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Not [...]

Mannequins in Bathrobes: A Normal Day at Zipie2019-01-24T17:00:33-05:00

It’s All Fun & Games

Zipie is overflowing with gamers. Our lunch breaks frequently consist of Super Smash Bros, Zelda and Mario Kart. Part of our job description is to effectively strategize. It’s also what we like to do in our free time, just in a different, slightly more fun format. Luckily for us, it’s been proven that strategic video [...]

It’s All Fun & Games2018-12-12T13:10:31-05:00

What Does Zipie Mean to Us?

What Does Zipie Mean to Us? There are exactly three doors in the Zipie office. It’s safe to say Team Zipie shares an intimate work space and we like it that way. The lack of physical boundaries in Suite 250 lends itself to an atmosphere of constant collaboration. We’re always yelling across the room to [...]

What Does Zipie Mean to Us?2018-11-23T20:37:51-05:00

Breaking the Black Friday Mold

Black Friday is by far the biggest shopping day of the year, but with the title can come the chaos. This is a pattern that many brands have noticed and have taken action to improve the stigma that comes with the territory. Various companies have found ways to stand out in the frenzy without trying [...]

Breaking the Black Friday Mold2018-11-21T17:15:57-05:00

Give Where You Live

This month we asked each Zipponian to select a local charity or non profit that has meaning for them. So in the spirit of giving, if you’re planning to donate your time or money this November, support an organization that supports your community. Here are a few of our favorites:AlexLexington Humane SocietyThe Lexington Humane Society [...]

Give Where You Live2018-11-12T14:16:16-05:00