Here at Zipie, we love what we do and we work hard at it. While we’re all experts in our respective fields now, we’ve each had different goals over the years. And today, Team Zipie is sharing what we wanted to be when we grew up and how it relates to the fun we’re up to now.

Caleb, Graphic Designer


It’s no surprise that Caleb was artistic from the beginning. When he’s not at Zipie creating award-winning illustrations for clients, he’s making his own stamps and drawing.

Alyssa, Account Executive

Wedding Planner

Alyssa dreamt of planning all aspects of weddings with a venue providing everything from cakes to dresses. As an account executive, she’s involved in all aspects of clients’ jobs from inception to completion. And if you’re planning a wedding, hit her up.

Porchia, Marketing Assistant

Forensic Investigator

Porchia’s analytical mind helps us function. While we’re positive her investigation skills come into play when she’s staying on top of our time tracking and job requests, we’re really hoping she never has to use the “forensic” piece of her dream job at work.

Andrew, Graphic Designer


The Ross Geller of the office, Andrew’s affinity for Jurassic Park made him want to be a paleontologist, a word we had to continually look up how to spell. He’s great at uncovering the heart of our clients’ brands, so it makes sense.

Bailey, Social Media Coordinator


Bailey doctors up content calendars so you can feel confident in all of your social media strategies. (See what we did there?)

Rob, Digital Strategist


Now that we think about it, we’re not totally sure what a ninja actually does, but we know Rob handles all of our clients’ analytics and measures all kinds of acronyms that matter to your business’s health: SEO, KPI and ROI to name a few. Do with that what you will.

Alex, Accounting Assistant

Professional Baseball Player

Alex invoices, bills and is our official money handler. How that connects to professional baseball, we’re not sure. There’s a “catching errors” pun on the tips of our tongue, but…

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