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BRB (Brains Require Breaks)

For most Zipponians, we work an average of 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. This usually means sitting at a desk cranking away at various tasks, which typically leads to taking about 15 minutes to eat so you can get back to the work day. What if I told you that your brain [...]

BRB (Brains Require Breaks)2018-10-04T15:53:31-04:00

Unleashing the Power of Google Analytics

Helping you to better understand your audience is a huge part of what we do here at Zipie. Whether it’s building an attribution model, establishing a cost per acquisition or determining ROI (return on investment), the ability to properly track and understand analytics is essential. Everyone has heard of Google Analytics. Maybe you even [...]

Unleashing the Power of Google Analytics2018-10-04T15:53:19-04:00

Key Takeaways from Digital Dealer 24

Two weeks ago, I headed to Orlando to attend Digital Dealer 24: a three-day conference focused on helping those in the auto industry take full advantage of the ever-evolving digital environment. I attended this event to help improve our working relationships with our clients in the auto industry. Since the conference, I’ve had some time [...]

Key Takeaways from Digital Dealer 242018-05-07T11:53:33-04:00

Twizzlers vs. Red Vines

Around Zipie, we do a few things well. One of the most coveted titles we hold is that the office is packed full of foodies. Our qualifying experience includes: Rob stealing smells because he’s always on a diet, potato bell curves (see photo below) and Panera is building a new location downstairs because of [...]

Twizzlers vs. Red Vines2018-04-27T10:02:26-04:00

Don’t Put All Your Advertising Eggs in One Facebook Basket

Don’t Put All Your Advertising Eggs in One Facebook Basket Facebook’s algorithm is changing. Again. The news came down from Zuckerberg himself, showing how serious Facebook is about this one: they’re going to be prioritizing personal posts (content from your family, friends, and groups) over public content from brands and media [...]

Don’t Put All Your Advertising Eggs in One Facebook Basket2018-04-24T14:40:06-04:00

Breaking Through on Social Media

Social media: it’s important. Really important. It’s one of the biggest tools brands have, allowing companies to connect directly to their customers. We’ve talked about how to get the most out of your social advertising, but your social pages and organic posts also present an opportunity to make the platform work for you—if you [...]

Breaking Through on Social Media2018-11-28T16:32:29-04:00

Meaningless Marketing Metrics

Meaningless Marketing Metrics The good thing about being a marketer in the digital age: we get lots of metrics. The bad thing about being a marketer in the digital age: those metrics don’t always relate to actual results or even actual business results. Let’s back up. When we say “metrics,” we [...]

Meaningless Marketing Metrics2018-04-24T14:37:50-04:00