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Thoughts on #280

November 10, 2017

Too long for a scannable Tweet (especially in the age of 6-second ads and even shorter attention spans), too short for a half-decent blog post. If we wanted more words, we’d go to Facebook or Medium. For now, #280 is…

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A Digital Marketing Manifesto

October 15, 2017

How many blog posts have you read that start with “Today’s world is digital-first”? I’ve seen it more than I can count. Obviously today’s world is “digital-first”—it’s 2017. We’re all attached to our phones, everything is trackable, the digital world…

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Our Facebook Top 10 of 2016

December 29, 2016

We do social. A lot of social. We create thousands of posts each year for our clients and for ourselves, but even as we’re strategizing, customizing, optimizing, and analyzing each and every one of them, a few rise to the…

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Social Media with Horsepower

November 8, 2016

  Carriage driving. What’s the first thing you think of? If it isn’t heart-pounding, fast-paced teams of horses and drivers navigating some of the craziest things you’ve ever seen, you clearly haven’t gotten to experience the world of combined driving….

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A Day at the Races

September 15, 2016

Among the many, many cool things we get to do for Ford Motor Company, one of the most fun is our partnership with the Kentucky Speedway, a Ford-sponsored NASCAR track in Sparta, Kentucky. We’ve been teaming up with the track…

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Social Stunts: Go Big, Get Results, or Go Home

August 29, 2016

How do you stand out on social media? Well, if you’re us, and you’re trying to answer that question for your client (Paul Miller Autogroup, in our case), the solution involves a lot of cars and a drone. Let’s set…

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From Post to Print: App. Snap. Done.  

July 29, 2016

Like so many things, it all started with social. CVNB wanted to promote their brand-new mobile check deposit service on their brand-new Facebook page. We’re all big fans of mobile check deposit, so we were excited to help tell the…

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Go ahead. Let the Internet decide.

June 2, 2016

“What could go wrong?” and other insane thoughts from the world of online voting   It all starts so innocently. A decision needs to be made, a committee decides that they want to get that social media stuff involved, they…

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3 Reasons Why Relevant Content Matters

May 8, 2015

Content Marketing is a buzz word that you hear everywhere now, but why does content matter? From a brand perspective, the challenge is clear we must create relevant content that engages consumers where they are. Every form of content has…

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Measuring Social Media ROI: Three Essential Campaign Metrics

August 4, 2014

As with any marketing strategy, its crucial to measure the impact of your social media marketing campaign. One of the great strengths of social media marketing is that most platforms provide marketers with a wealth of dynamic analytics tools to…

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