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10 Reasons You Should Be Working With An Advertising Agency

In this, our first, full episode, we are excited to be discussing 10 reasons that a business should choose to select an agency as their marketing and advertising partner. We present 10 specific reasons to partner with an agency, challenge a few commonly held beliefs and say "um" a few more times than we'd like. [...]

10 Reasons You Should Be Working With An Advertising Agency2020-10-16T16:07:02-04:00

Episode 0 – Welcome to The Admosphere

Team Zipie launches their new marketing and advertising podcast and shares what to expect in the coming months from The Admosphere.

Episode 0 – Welcome to The Admosphere2020-10-07T13:49:09-04:00

Social ROI: 9 Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Social Advertising

Social ROI: 9 Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Social Advertising It’s almost 2018. If Facebook were a country, it would be the biggest one on the planet—by a lot. We’ve moved past the days when people wondered if social media was a phase. No one is disputing the [...]

Social ROI: 9 Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Social Advertising2018-04-24T14:40:12-04:00

Thoughts on #280

Thoughts on #280 Too long for a scannable Tweet (especially in the age of 6-second ads and even shorter attention spans), too short for a half-decent blog post. If we wanted more words, we’d go to Facebook or Medium. For now, #280 is going to send people running to Instagram. [...]

Thoughts on #2802018-02-14T20:56:21-05:00

Email Marketing Isn’t Dead. Period.

Email Marketing Isn't Dead. Period. “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” It’s a Mark Twain quote (probably) but it’s also applicable to email marketing. For all the reports of email’s demise—we’ve been hearing them for years—email continues to be a solid way to market to individuals, as long as you [...]

Email Marketing Isn’t Dead. Period.2018-02-14T20:57:45-05:00

Mobile First. Obviously.

Mobile First. Obviously. Here’s a tip for choosing a marketing agency. If, at any time, you hear someone say “We have to plan for mobile—that’s where everything’s going,” I want you to get up and walk out. Then I want you to call me because you’ve discovered a wormhole back into [...]

Mobile First. Obviously.2018-04-24T14:38:21-04:00

A Digital Marketing Manifesto

A Digital Marketing Manifesto How many blog posts have you read that start with “Today’s world is digital-first”? I’ve seen it more than I can count. Obviously today’s world is “digital-first”—it’s 2017. We’re all attached to our phones, everything is trackable, the digital world dominates our lives. We know it’s important—agencies in [...]

A Digital Marketing Manifesto2018-02-19T09:02:52-05:00