Project Description

The Challenge

ZipLiens, a lien resolution company that simplifies the way that subrogation and lien resolutions are handled, needed a digital presence as their business came to be. ZipLiens challenged us to create a disruptive, edgy site that grabs clients’ attention and added a dash of sass on every page, all while showcasing ZipLiens’s expertise. The website needed to accomplish the same thing their business did: change the way attorneys think about lien resolutions to build their client base. Knowing this website was their first, Zipie got started creating an online platform for ZipLiens to grow their brand name and build their business.

The Plan

Working with our Creative, Development and Digital teams, we developed a brand identity that created a disruptive online presence for ZipLiens. Through intensive market research and brainstorming, we developed a dazzling website that stands out from the crowd. Our Creative and Development teams used animations and truly disruptive techniques to create an experience for users and potential clients. With equal parts edge and expertise, we captured ZipLiens’s voice and created an opportunity to garner leads, clients and customers.

The Results

The new ZipLiens website not only gives a home to their client portal and brand voice, it also offers a way to continually reach new clients and solidify their new business. The site now helps ZipLiens break through the noise of the old subrogation and lien resolution processes to capture lawyers’ attention.

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