Project Description

The Challenge

LEXPARK is a unique brand that offers more than simply downtown meter and garage parking in Lexington. LEXPARK is filled with impactful employees who understand the importance of sustainability. This year, more than ever, proved just that.

We have been partners with LEXPARK for two years focusing on their unbeatable $3 night and weekend parking while best positioning their parking opportunities against competitors. With the unexpected circumstances surrounding COVID-19, a new challenge arose. Not only did we face new challenges, but we had to develop a whole new strategy that ensured LEXPARK remained in the conversation.

The Plan

We teamed up and curated a social media strategy that allowed LEXPARK to use their position in the community to help businesses operate through the most difficult of circumstances. We hosted three social media giveaway campaigns to not only help businesses generate traffic to their stores, restaurants, etc but to create brand awareness for them at the same time. To make it more exciting for participants, we bundled each category to speak to the coffee lovers and restaurant-goers. LEXPARK donated money to each local business we partnered with in exchange for the items that one lucky winner would receive.

The Results

After hosting three social giveaways, we increased LEXPARK’s organic following which, in return, will allow us to engage with a whole new set of eyes once we return to normalcy. We increased LEXPARK’s business relations by supporting and increasing awareness for twelve local businesses, even allowing the giveaway winners to become a new or repeated customer – which is an ultimate win in our books.

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