Project Description

The Challenge

20,000 people show up at the Greenbrier Classic for one thing: golf. We needed to give them a reason to take a break from the action on the greens and connect with tournament sponsor Ford Motor Company—and it needed to top the giveaway we did at the Classic.

The Goal

Generate at least 5,000 leads over the course of the four-day event.

The Plan

Harness the power of innovative RFID technology to connect people with the Ford brand.
Who wants to win a car? Everybody. Who wants to spend time filling out forms? Nobody. That’s why we created RFID wristbands that made entries easier on everyone. Guests tapped their bands at our Swipe Stations to enter the contests—no tedious forms necessary.

Five reasons why our RFID strategy worked:

  • It made contest entries fast and easy.
  • The daily giveaways encouraged people to swing by and swipe every day of the tournament, increasing traffic, engagement, and excitement.
  • It positioned Ford as a technology leader—if they can do this with a contest, just imagine what they can do with a car.
  • It allowed attendees to easily learn more about the vehicles on display.
  • It delivered detailed, in-depth audience insights that will allow us to more effectively deliver Ford’s message to these folks in the future.

The Results

6,000 new customer leads in four days. Let’s repeat that: six thousand. That’s the power of innovative technology, a user-friendly contest, some serious social promotion, and a truly interactive brand experience.

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