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Business Listings: Where the %$#& Are You?

November 17, 2017

Black Friday is less than a week away. If you’re shopping, it means you’re making your list (or putting off making your list) and maybe wondering why so many of your family members had to be born between Thanksgiving and…

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A Digital Marketing Manifesto

October 15, 2017

How many blog posts have you read that start with “Today’s world is digital-first”? I’ve seen it more than I can count. Obviously today’s world is “digital-first”—it’s 2017. We’re all attached to our phones, everything is trackable, the digital world…

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Go ahead. Let the Internet decide.

June 2, 2016

“What could go wrong?” and other insane thoughts from the world of online voting   It all starts so innocently. A decision needs to be made, a committee decides that they want to get that social media stuff involved, they…

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