Project Description

The Challenge

Volta came to Zipie for a campaign idea that would promote their security and recovery services in an eye catching way and break through the noise of traditional advertising campaigns in the IT industry. Their services in recovery and security help restore their clients after disaster hits and they help them save the day when data is threatened. Insert superheroes and comic books.

The Plan

To convey their offerings in an attention grabbing way that broke the mold of traditional advertising in the IT industry, we crafted a superhero character that represented the Volta team and created a storyline depicting the actions taken to recover a client’s data. This storyline then carried into a comic book that would be mailed to prospective clients encouraging them to visit a custom landing page that completed the remainder of the story.

The Results

The comic book not only serves as a disruptive and memorable campaign, but it provides a tangible item for prospective clients to keep that will serve as a constant reminder of Volta.

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