Project Description

The Challenge

Atchison Heller has more than 35 years of experience building and remodeling custom residential homes. They enlisted our help to promote their brand and high level of craftsmanship to gain both brand recognition and build their existing client base.

The Plan

To increase brand awareness, we crafted a social media strategy to highlight Atchison Heller’s highly detailed work and educate followers on what goes on behind the scenes and behind the walls of each of their custom projects. We incorporated a mix of finished project photos with gritty job site scenes, each designed to increase engagement from Atchison Heller’s two distinct audiences on two different platforms. On Facebook, the driving force behind their fans are women aged 35-44, while on Instagram the majority of their followers are men aged 25-34. For the Facebook audience, we created mini case studies for finished projects and delivered them as Instant Experience ads. These ads highlighted the unique project details, a focus on selections and inspiration for the design. For the Instagram audience, comprised mostly of industry peers, we positioned Atchison Heller as a leader in the industry. We achieved this by creating an IGTV channel showcasing on-site and behind-the-scenes content featuring in-process custom projects. These episodes discussed building methods and construction science practices that sets their builds apart from competitors.

The Results

After six months we grew Atchison Heller’s following by 2,662 users (a 55.3% increase) and increased engagement by 96.2% across their social platforms.

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