YouTube Introduces 3-Second Channel Branding Video Feature

Are you marketing your brand on YouTube yet? If you aren’t, you definitely should. YouTube boasts 1 billion unique visitors every month—and according to Nielson, YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network. YouTube is proving to be a goldmine for savvy digital marketers who are able to harness the power of video and storytelling to create interactive content that viewers will value and promote.

Recently, YouTube has introduced a new feature that allows content creators and digital marketers to attach a 3-second Channel Branding Clip that plays before the brand’s actual video.

This simple, but powerful feature allows brands to solidify their brand identity, establishing creative ownership and strengthening the psychological connection between the content presented and brand that developed it.

Moreover, this tool ensures that your brand identity will be preserved in shifting digital contexts—for example, if someone posts your video on a social media site, viewers will still see that your brand created the content, even though they aren’t watching the video on your channel.

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