Twitter Introduces Website Cards

With the success of Facebook’s advertising platforms, Twitter has recently made great strides toward establishing their own foothold in the digital advertising industry. Earlier this month, Mashable reported that Twitter plans to add 15 new types of ads this year.

Today, Twitter introduced Website Cards, a new type of ad unit that features a small company photo, accompanied by a line of text and a link to the company’s webpage. Website Cards are the newest ad format for Twitter, who unveiled app-install advertisements earlier this month.

Twitter’s press release highlights how Website Cards are able to boost social campaigns in a cost-effective way:

We’ve tested the Website Card with a handful of brands like Citrix and Betabrand, whose campaigns saw significant decreases in cost-per-click (CPC) compared to campaigns that used an image and URL to drive website traffic. Betabrand’s CPCs were reduced by up to 85%, and Citrix saw a 92% decrease in CPC. In addition, UK-based mobile company Three saw a 26% higher Engagement Rate as well as a 64% increase in URL clicks when utilizing Website Cards. From our early testing with clients, we’ve seen that Website Cards make it easier for businesses of all sizes to drive relevant traffic directly to their sites.

As Twitter continues to push their ad services, they are expected to introduce several new ad-features, including an embeddable button to immediately connect consumers with companies. Twitter has been experimenting with a “click-to-call” button, and is also working with payments company Stripe to create shoppable Twitter ads.

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