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Let’s Talk Swag

October 7, 2016

Fact: People love free stuff. No one is going to argue with that. And that basic fact is something you can use to your brand’s advantage, through the power of swag. Also known as promotional items or giveaways, swag can…

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Storytelling Through Responsive Design

September 30, 2016

Inside Our Redesign of the Dupree Financial Website The team at Dupree Financial is the most straight-talking, easy-going, whip-smart group of people you’ll ever meet. They’re an amazing resource for anyone preparing for retirement, and they offer a suite of services…

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Rhea Went to Content Marketing World and Learned Eight Things!

September 23, 2016

Actually, she learned a lot more than that. But here’s her top eight takeaways. We asked Rhea what she learned at Content Marketing World, and the first thing she said was stats. If you go to this conference, you’re going…

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A Day at the Races

September 15, 2016

Among the many, many cool things we get to do for Ford Motor Company, one of the most fun is our partnership with the Kentucky Speedway, a Ford-sponsored NASCAR track in Sparta, Kentucky. We’ve been teaming up with the track…

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Keep ’em coming back for more

September 8, 2016

Proof Fitness is the gym your gym wishes it could be. This high-end, Lexington-based fitness experience needed a way to reduce attrition and increase member engagement. The strategy needed to integrate with their existing point of sale software as well…

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That's a big flag

Social Stunts: Go Big, Get Results, or Go Home

August 29, 2016

How do you stand out on social media? Well, if you’re us, and you’re trying to answer that question for your client (Paul Miller Autogroup, in our case), the solution involves a lot of cars and a drone. Let’s set…

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Mmmm. Breadsticks.

Fast, Fresh Van Wraps!

August 12, 2016

Fazoli’s is growing. This is a good thing for breadstick addicts everywhere. That’s because they’re expanding their catering, takeout, and delivery options through partnerships with The Catering Institute and MonkeyMedia Software, a cloud platform for takeout, delivery, and catering. Expanded…

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Box squad, assemble!

Let’s Talk Boxes

August 1, 2016

First, let’s get the obligatory Se7en reference out of the way and start with a question: What’s in the booooox? We’re glad you asked, Brad Pitt! In the digital-loving, smartphone-obsessed, paperless world in which we live, there’s something special about…

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From Post to Print: App. Snap. Done.  

July 29, 2016

Like so many things, it all started with social. CVNB wanted to promote their brand-new mobile check deposit service on their brand-new Facebook page. We’re all big fans of mobile check deposit, so we were excited to help tell the…

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Go ahead. Let the Internet decide.

June 2, 2016

“What could go wrong?” and other insane thoughts from the world of online voting   It all starts so innocently. A decision needs to be made, a committee decides that they want to get that social media stuff involved, they…

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