Operation Surprise and Delight

Sharing the love with Integrity IT

Everybody loves getting gifts. That’s a basic fact of the universe. Secondary to that: everybody loves giving gifts, too. Surprising someone with an unexpected present is something we all wish we could do more often.

That’s why, when our friends at Integrity IT asked us to help them come up with an idea for their first-ever referral program, we turned it into an opportunity to both receive a gift and give one.

Background: The team at Integrity had never asked their customers for referrals before. They’ve earned a reputation as a top-notch IT partner and have built a strong, loyal client base over their 17-year history. They like and trust their customers, and they wanted to find a way to find more businesses like their existing client base. It was important to Integrity that this new initiative not just ask for referrals—it needed to say thank you, too.

With that in mind, we came up with a concept that included two gifts: one for Integrity’s clients to enjoy, and another to share. To make it easy for Integrity, we packed everything up in one customized box. Pretend you’re one of Integrity’s clients—let’s walk through the process.


Step 1: Receive the box

What a nice surprise! Hand-delivered by your friendly Integrity IT account manager, it’s a hefty box with custom branding and playful vinyl decals. What’s inside?

Step 2: Open the box

Break the paper seal and open the lid. What’s this? A gift for you? It says so right on the sleeve! There’s a hand-addressed note tucked inside, thanking you for your business and asking you to share the love. Best of all, there’s a box of Woodford Reserve bourbon balls! Way better than candy hearts.
Step 3: Dig in—and share

Pull out the box of bourbon balls and discover—could it be?—another box of bourbon balls! They’re clearly labeled “A Gift for a Friend,” so you share them with your buddy, who has a business about the size of yours and was just talking the other day about how he needed some IT help.
Step 4: Everybody’s happy

You and your team enjoy your box of bourbon balls. Your friend enjoys his box of bourbon balls, and contacts Integrity IT to talk about their services. Integrity is happy to have the opportunity to pitch to a new potential customer and take them out for coffee to begin building up a new relationship.


We designed every piece of the box, from the decals to the sleeves to the notes, to surprise and delight whoever saw it. There’s plenty of little touches, like smiley chat bubbles and a secret heart at the bottom of the box, that make the whole thing come off as incredibly friendly, while the high-end presentation and choice of contents keep things undeniably professional. In short, it’s Integrity IT’s personality in box form. They were thrilled, their clients were surprised and delighted (DelCotto Law Group even posted about it on Facebook), and we loved making it all happen.


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