Get Noticed With Zipie Scan!

Zipie is excited to announce Zipie Scan, a powerful new tool designed to help businesses boost their web presence.

Zipie Scan is a leading Business Listing Service provider and a Certified Local Business Listings Partner. This unique listing tool scans a catalog of over 48 leading search engines, local websites and mapping apps, ensuring your business listings are accurately claimed, optimized, and monitored. Essentially, this tool promotes optimal online presence, distributing lead-generating business listings across dozens of essential online business directories simultaneously.

Moreover, Zipie Scan’s affordable business listing service plans allow customers to claim, market, and monitor their local business listings without breaking their budgets. Our skilled Zipie Scan professionals provide customers with concierge service, making digital marketing efforts easy and fun!

Curious to see where your site currently stands? We encourage you to review your business listings in real-time with our complementary Business Listing Scan! Visit our Zipie Scan page for more information.

Harness the power of Zipie Scan and take charge of your digital marketing today!

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